I grew up in Limavady and then left for college, coming back in the summers to work at Benone and the Roe Valley Leisure Centre. I moved back to the town in 2005 and since then have got married to Claire, work in an office and am a member of the local cycling and triathlon clubs.

I became a Christian after being really struck that I wasn’t a good person and that I had been mostly living to please myself. I’d achieved some of the things I wanted to and missed out on some others, but either way I usually ended up dis-satisfied, always wanting more. One day I remembered what was taught in Sunday School and prayed, asking forgiveness for living like I was god.

Now that I’m a Christian I’m still not perfect. The difference is I now admit it and trust that Jesus has taken away the punishment I deserve. I also try to live the way the Bible teaches. This doesn’t mean I am earning points with God, we can’t do that, it means that I try and do what God wants out of thankfulness for what he has done for me. I can still enjoy trying to achieve things, but now I try to keep the right perspective and have a peace that whatever happens in life, God will help me through.

I am a member of Limavady RP Church because here I found a place that will teach me what is in the Bible and challenge me on areas of my life and character that still need some work. I’m encouraged to question the teaching and check what is being taught against what is written in the Bible. I also admire the people who make up the church, giving of their time to help the local community, genuinely caring and who have helped me through various stages of my life so far. Of course the church isn’t perfect either! Like any family, we still have to forgive each other, just like Jesus has forgiven us.

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